Fellowship Resources

A WMI Fellowship unites, strengthens and empowers WMI Scholars to work together and create new partnerships throughout their home nations. Together Scholars are able to use their diverse skills and expertise to give back and create positive change within their home communities.  

WMI Fellowships are created, led, and develop based upon your vision and commitment! Your drive to create this network and host meetings, events, fundraising initiatives, and implement very impactful and needed group community service projects is a key element in the Scholars Journey. We believe that each Fellowship is valuable and is capable of creating immense change.

How to Start a WMI Fellowship

Are you interested in starting a WMI Fellowship in your country? We want to support you! Any Scholar (Student or Graduate) can take on the initiative to start a Fellowship within their home nation. There is a limit of one WMI Fellowship per nation, so be sure to confirm that a Fellowship doesn’t already exist before starting the process below.

Learn more about the Fellowship program and share this resource with other WMI Scholars as you recruit and build interest:

WMI Fellowship Program – Basics 101

WMI Fellowship Program – Los Basicos 101

WMI Fellowship Program – Notions de Base 101

5 Steps to Launch a WMI Fellowship

Step 1: Connect with other Scholars and tell them about why you would like to start a WMI Fellowship. If you need help connecting with other Scholars, write to nicole@wellsmountain.com

Step 2: Identify at least two other Scholars who will help you to create a WMI Fellowship.

Step 3: Together develop resoponses for the questions on the Forming a WMI Fellowship application questions.

Step 4: Submit one Forming a WMI Fellowship application and WMI will review your plan.

Step 5: Once approved by WMI you should begin planning to host your first in-person group meeting.

After hosting your first in-person meeting, complete a Fellowship Meeting Report and your group will soon be inaugurated as the newest Fellowship nation!

Fellowship Reporting Requirements

It is a requirement for WMI Fellowships to complete two-types of reports:

  • Fellowship Meeting Report 2019: To be completed within one week of an in-person meeting or after a virtual meeting where important decisions are made. Please upload or email high quality photos from the meeting too!
  • WMI Fellowship Annual Survey 2018: To be completed by a leadership member once a year. A link will be sent to the Fellowship Chairperson to then delegate for completion in January 2019. 

WMI Fellowships are also encouraged to keep an updated member list/directory, minutes from meetings, and updated financial records.

Many Fellowships find it especially helpful to plan their group’s meetings and activities with a twelve-month perspective. Use the WMI Fellowship Annual Work Plan 2019 tool to plan, assign responsibilities, and continue moving your Fellowship forward!


Fellowship Development Fund

The Fellowship Development Fund has been created to support WMI Fellowships at all stages of development. The purpose of this funding is to help Fellowships overcome current challenges by creating a plan of action as a sustainable solution. 

All Fellowships experience different challenges and possible solutions may vary by nation and group. This application process has been created with a very broad focus in order to support different Fellowship needs.

Each Fellowship is eligible to apply for up to $500 USD in funding. Only one application will be accepted per Fellowship with applications being accepted throughout the year.

Steps to apply

Step 1: Review the application questions with WMI Fellowship leadership and/or members.

Step 2: Determine what challenge(s) your Fellowship is experiencing and create a plan on how best to use the development funding opportunity to create a sustainable solution.

Step 3: Draft a budget that includes expenses and any anticipated revenue (if applicable).

Step 4: Ask the Fellowship treasurer to provide a financial overview for 2017 and 2018 (2 separate documents) to the leadership member who will be completing this application.

Step 5: Submit the WMI Fellowship Development Fund application with the budget uploaded and a financial overview of the Fellowship for 2017 and year-to-date financials for 2018.

The application will be reviewed, feedback will be provided, and an award decision will follow.   

If you have any questions, please write to nicole@wellsmountain.com.

Questions or Concerns

To seek application assistance or to learn more about this program, please contact:

Nicole Schmitz, Graduate Scholar Coordinator