How it all began

Wells Mountain Initiative (WMI), began in 2005 with the sponsorship of a single scholar from Kopeyia, Ghana. In our first full year of operation in 2006, we increased our support to eight students from Ghana and Senegal. Today, WMI supports scholars from over 42 countries with 185 scholars currently studying and 161 graduate scholars.

WMI was founded by Tom Wells out of his desire to help motivated, bright young people he met in the developing world further their education. Tom believes, “Education is the most powerful tool ever conceived in the fight against inequality and injustice and is the surest path to hope and prosperity for the greatest number of people.” Tom had met many deserving students in his work with YMCA World Service. Our initial group of scholars were youth involved in YMCA programs in Senegal and Haiti and youth, including our very first scholar, Jordyn Wells met while studying and volunteering in Ghana. 

With welcomed additional financial support from Tom’s long-time friend and law client, David Bolger, through the Bolger Foundation, WMI was able to expand our programs and number of supported scholars. We then needed the involvement of our third founder, Carol Wells. The WMI team is now made up of 8 dedicated individuals.

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