WMI Student Scholars

We believe that to climb a mountain, you should not undertake the journey alone. It takes resources, knowledge, the support of others and immense dedication. That is why we believe in providing more than just financial support to our student scholars. 

Scholar Responsibilities

In order to guarantee the continuation of your scholarship for the duration of your undergraduate education, you must also provide us with the following documents January 1 and August 1 of each year you’re in school.

  • An official copy of your grades for the previous semester or term. Poor grades will jeopardize the continuation of your scholarship.
  • An official receipt showing your tuition payment to your school.
  • A completed Academic Semester Report for WMI Student Scholars. This is a WMI form you fill out online and submit. It is not from your school. Send this completed form in as soon as your semester is over. Do not wait for your official grades to become available to send in this form.
  • A completed Community Service Report for WMI Student Scholars. WMI Student Scholars commit to performing 100 hours of community service within their communities per year. Within the Community Service Report for WMI Student Scholars you will provide honest detail for the activities you participate in. Please do not exaggerate or falsify community service activities.
  • Photos of you at school, volunteering (upload with your Community Service Report), or participating in other activities with descriptions. Tips for taking great photos

Ways to Connect with other Student and
Graduate Scholars

WMI Fellowships

WMI Fellowships provide student scholars and graduate scholars with the unique opportunity to expand their social and professional networks in their nation. WMI Student Scholars & Graduate Scholars are encouraged to create strong bonds and assist one another throughout the process of succeeding academically and professionally through the creation of WMI Fellowship groups.

These groups are founded by WMI Student Scholars & Graduate Scholars and have led to the building of support systems that provide networking, mentorship opportunities and group community service projects and activities.

Fourteen WMI Fellowships have been established in Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Malawi, Mexico, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, South Sudan, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe! If you are from one of these nations, reach out to one of the current leaders and introduce yourself!

If you want to start a WMI Fellowship in your nation, are an existing Fellowship interested in the Fellowship Development Fund check out the Fellowship resources.

Thomas Sevordzi, President 

Paul Omondi Owuor, Chairperson

James Gbeaduh, Chair

Paundi Mofolo, President

Jonathan Gabriel Salinas Gonzalez, President

Grace Tiwari & Sujan Gautam, Group Leaders 

Johnson Okolie, President 

Ajmal Shah, President 

Jean Aime Musabyemungu, Chairperson 

Sierra Leone 
Abdul Koroma, Head of Fellowship 

South Sudan 
Richard Duku, Chairperson 

Prossy Alanyo, Chairperson 

Cliffton Chifuwe, Chairperson 

Sihlobo Khumalo, Chairperson 

Connect with WMI Scholars

WMI Dream Big Conferences

The Dream Big Conference brings together current student  and graduate scholars to learn, network, and create in-country WMI Fellowship groups. All WMI Student Scholars and Graduate Scholars are invited to attend the conferences, which takes place every three years. Participants are provided partial travel stipends and are encouraged to raise funds themselves to make this opportunity a reality. Conference attendees participate in workshops, panels, team-building exercises, and community service activities. They hear from inspirational speakers, participate in WMI Graduate Scholars and community service panels, and form new bonds and networks. The next WMI Dream Big Conference will take place in 2021 in Accra, Ghana.

WMI Online

WMI Official Facebook Page  Please be sure to ‘Like’ the WMI Facebook page to receive updates; we want to see you engaging with our supporters!

WMI Student Scholars and Graduate Scholars Facebook Group Only WMI Student Scholars and Graduate Scholars have access to membership within this group. We encourage you to introduce yourself in a post here, share your community service involvements, accomplishments and ideas.

WMI Contact

Lisa McLaughlin Wyncoop, Student Scholar Coordinator
E-mail: lisa@wellsmountain.com
Telephone: 001 802 453 4065 (Ext 43)