WMI Scholars are engaged in helping to shape the future of WMI and the scholar experience.

Global Advisory Board

The Global Advisory Board is comprised of appointed WMI Scholars who are invested in the scholar experience and exemplify the values of partnership and community leadership. Board members represent the diversity of our scholars and provide insight, direction and recommendations for the growth of our organization.

Meet the Global Advisory Board Members

Launched in Spring 2019 the board will continue to grow with the addition of new members each year.

Ephranzia Chao Malindi


Dr. Ephranzia currently works at a governmental hospital in Kenya and is self-sponsoring her masters studies in diagnostic radiology at the University of Nairobi. She has been an active WMI Scholar since 2010 and leads the WMI Kenya Fellowship’s mentorship program. As a board member she will strive to build strong, cohesive relationships between student and graduate scholars.

Sujan Gautam


Sujan became a WMI Scholar in 2017 and will finish his agriculture studies this year. He holds many leadership positions at his university and is engaged in promoting numerous environmental issues. As an inaugural board member, Sujan would like to create processes to ensure that this leadership opportunity becomes an effective platform for all scholars to help shape the future of WMI.

Thomas Sevordzi


As a WMI Scholar Thomas studied business administration and then went on to self-fund his accounting studies to become a chartered accountant. Today he is an entrepreneur and leads a team of five at Vasco Consult Limited. Thomas was a founding member of the Ghana Fellowship, has been awarded two Micro-Grants, and served as both a panelist and a workshop leader at the Dream Big Conference in 2018. Thomas is a proactive leader and aims to utilize this opportunity to cultivate global awareness about WMI.

Melisa Bhebe


Melisa is a recent medical school graduate and is currently completing her residency at the third largest hospital in Zimbabwe. She also serves as the Projects Coordinator of the Zimbabwe Fellowship, Communications Coordinator of Educate Your Own initiative started by WMI Scholars, and a Committee Member of the Young Makwika Movement. As a board member, Melisa’s goal is to increase knowledge and improve access to the WMI scholarship opportunity for those who are most marginalized in remote communities.

We believe...


As our organization grows, we are determined to continue improving, creating, and investing in programs that support our scholars in creating change in their local communities. Together with WMI Student and Graduate Scholars we will achieve these goals.

Global Advisory Board members will meet in-person for an annual board meeting. Support this collaborative initiative today.