WMI provides Student Scholars and Graduate Scholars with the unique opportunity to expand their social and professional networks.


WMI Scholars are encouraged to create strong bonds and assist one another throughout the process of succeeding academically and professionally through the creation of fellowship groups. These groups are founded by the scholars themselves and have led to the building of support systems that provide networking and mentorship opportunities and the creation of group community service projects and activities.

14 WMI Fellowships have been created!

Many WMI Scholars would not have the chance to meet one another if not for their WMI connection. Our scholars are leaders who advocate for change, are dedicated to serving their communities, and care about the future of their nations.

Fourteen WMI Fellowships have been established in Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Malawi, Mexico, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, South Sudan, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe!

By supporting national, regional, and worldwide gatherings of WMI Scholars, our impact of enhancing the lives of others through education and service, coupled with developing participants’ professional skills, brings tremendous benefits that were once beyond reach to individuals from economically-challenged backgrounds.

Kenya Fellowship


WMI Scholars from Kenya organized a day of service at the Thomas Barnardo House – Kenya Children’s Home in Nairobi. The WMI Kenya Fellowship initiated and implemented every aspect of the day’s activities. They pooled their resources to help those traveling many hours to reach Nairobi, assist in paying the wages and transportation costs of a sign language interpreter, and provide supplies for the children.

Rwanda Fellowship


Calling themselves “Strive for Health in Rwanda”, this fellowship planted 700 trees for their very first activity! “Deforestation occupies an untouchable place among the causes of climate change and remains a big challenge to the developing world of today and to that of coming generations. But the good news is that “Strive for Health in Rwanda” is finally waking up to this climate change”, writes Evode Nagayabo.

Support our scholars as they advance their education and grow their professional networks