Collective Action

We bring WMI scholars together through multi-day conferences, our new graduate academy and national fellowships so that they can share strategies, implement projects and scale their impact.


WMI Scholars are encouraged to create strong bonds and assist one another throughout the process of succeeding academically and professionally through the creation of fellowship groups. These groups are founded by the scholars themselves and have led to the building of support systems that provide networking and mentorship opportunities and the creation of group community service projects and activities.

13 WMI Fellowships have been created!

Many WMI Scholars would not have the chance to meet one another if not for their WMI connection. Our scholars are leaders who advocate for change, are dedicated to serving their communities, and care about the future of their nations.

Thirteen WMI Fellowships have been established in Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Malawi, Mexico, Nepal, Nigeria, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, South Sudan, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe!

By supporting national, regional, and worldwide gatherings of WMI Scholars, our impact of enhancing the lives of others through education and service, coupled with developing participants’ professional skills, brings tremendous benefits that were once beyond reach to individuals from economically-challenged backgrounds.

Malawi Fellowship


WMI Scholars in Malawi organized a sanitization and clean-up activity at a local health center in Lilongwe. The group specifically targeted the maternity unit of the facility to ensure that the unit is clean for the mothers and their infants as well as health care workers. WMI Malawi Fellowship members were very excited to come together from different parts of the country and carry out their first community activity of the year.


Ghana Fellowship


The WMI Ghana Fellowship conducted a medical outreach day in Otaomina, a village in the Greater Accra Region. WMI Scholars with medical training and volunteers provided hypertension and diabetes screenings, malaria tests, sugar level tests, and general consultations. Attendees with positive test results were provided with referral notices to visit the local hospital after diagnosis and medications were provided. The fellowship served a total of 144 community members throughout the day.

Dream Big Conference

The Dream Big Conference, held every three years, brings together current student and graduate scholars to learn, network, and create in-country fellowship groups. Conference attendees participate in workshops, panels, team-building exercises, and community service activities.

Dream. Plan. Do.

As the tenth year of WMI approached, we decided it was time to bring everyone together to learn, network and create in-country fellowship groups with current WMI Student and Graduate Scholars.

In 2015, the city of Nairobi was selected to host the first WMI Dream Big Conference. Our 2015 DBC conference brought together 45 scholars from 8 countries for 3 days of workshops, inspirational speakers, community service and networking.

Our 2018 DBC conference was twice as big, with 100 scholars from 19 countries convening for 5 days in Kampala, Uganda. Read our “DBC at a Glance” recap. 

The third WMI Dream Big Conference, initially planned for 2021, was postponed due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. It finally took place over the course of five days during August 2023 in Nairobi, Kenya at the United States International University – Africa. The event gathered 200 participants from 21 nations for workshops, inspiring speakers, community service, networking, and more.

Looking ahead, WMI is already planning the 2026 Dream Big Conference. If you’re interested in getting involved or becoming a sponsor, please contact

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