Our WMI Graduate Scholars (those who have completed their tertiary education) do amazing work, lead change in their communities and spur action in others.

Creating the change they want to see

Our Graduate Scholars are leading change in their communities, society, and world. They have successful careers in medicine, non-profit management, development, law and business. Our graduates create non-profits, run clinics, establish schools, mentor and teach youth, fight injustice and work tirelessly to improve their communities. We are proud of our WMI leaders and the small part we play in their journey.

Setting their own path and lighting the way for others

Graduate Scholar Success Stories

Meet Bonny Mark Alinga

Business Ad. and hr management, Uganda

Bonny Mark is an entrepreneur who creates local jobs, empowers citizens, provides access to education and who is a leader within his home community. He is an agent of change in Northern Uganda. Bonny Mark is the President-elect of the Mbale Rotary Club, the second oldest Rotary International Club in Uganda, and a founding member and officer of the Fountains for Change–WMI Uganda Fellowship. As a Micro-Grant recipient in 2015, Bonny Mark began building the Nissi College School in Lira, Uganda, a community deeply affected by the atrocities of The Lord’s Resistance Army and 30 years of war. In 2018, the first class of 50 bright students began studying at the Nissi College School.

Meet Alpha Pokharel

nursing science, nepal

Alpha is a health advocate for women who are marginalized and vulnerable in Nepal. As a head nurse in a public government health institute, she uses her knowledge from volunteering in the community with these women and young girls to speak for those who need medical knowledge and services the most. As a leader in the medical field, she is the youngest member on the planning, monitoring and evaluation committee for her department. Alpha is also a founding member of the WMI Nepal Fellowship and attended the Dream Big Conference in Uganda with the honor of serving on a Graduate Scholar panel discussion. 

Meet Jacquelyne Alesi

guidance and counseling, uganda

Young people are drawn to Jacquelyne’s positive can-do attitude and endless zeal for life. As the Executive Director of the Uganda Network of Young People Living with HIV, Jacquelyne helped the organization grow and attain international recognition. Working nationally, the organization works to end the stigmatization of being young and HIV positive. Now Jacquelyne wants to help other organizations grow and has launched the LinkUp Consultants Management firm. In her endless effort to do more for the community, she also started the Above All Kindergarten Day Care and Primary School and, “it has provided jobs to four young mothers and a safe place for 63 pupils of which 20 don’t pay because they’re orphans.”

Meet Sarah Naduru Juma

Social Work and Administration, Uganda

For the safety of her young children Sarah fled her community in South Sudan and sought refuge in Uganda. Against all odds she became the first South Sudanese female graduate to receive a degree with first class honors. While the civil war continues to take innocent lives and her nation faces increasing tragic food insecurity problems, Sarah works to support urban refugees in Uganda. She reports, “…even though I have no funds or other resources to meet their needs, my presence and interaction itself shows to my people that there is someone who cares about them. I carry out needs assessments on a regular basis and generate project proposals to address the existing community needs and problems.”

Meet Ralf Etienne


Ralf is a survivor of the earthquake that struck Haiti in January 2010. As a result of the earthquake, he lost his left leg, and at that point, he realized that his life needed to have a different purpose. Ralf tells others, “Life doesn’t end after a disability. It only begins.” As a Graduate Scholar, he founded Rebuilding Haiti, a non-profit that empowers, evangelizes, educates, and promotes economic development. In 2017, Ralf began a peanut growing cooperative which has increased to support 300 local farmers. He has built a church and also engaged in the immediate response to numerous natural disasters that have struck Haiti.

Meet Dr. Catherine Nagadya. She founded Girls Unstoppable, an education program supporting girls in secondary school. Give to changemakers like Catherine today.