Who is a WMI Medical Scholar?

A WMI Medical Scholar is currently enrolled in or has completed their university studies in the medical field with the help of a WMI scholarship. This includes but is not limited to the following areas of study:
  • Medicine and Surgery
  • Clinical Medicine
  • Public/Community Health
  • Pharmacy
  • Medical Laboratories
  • Nursing/Midwifery
  • Psychology/Counseling
  • Dentistry

Why we support Medical Scholars

Medicine is very important in any community, and even more so in developing countries where proper management of cases saves a lot of resources. WMI Medical Scholars help to address community needs related to healthcare – for example, in public health, which is key in preventive care at the community level; and midwifery, where maternal complications are identified early, thus helping reduce maternal child mortality and contributing positively to sustainable development goals.

WMI's goal for building medical scholars network

WMI is building a strong network for medical scholars which will help them with career development in different fields, which in turn helps them give back to their communities.

Many of the graduate scholars have progressed beyond earning their bachelors degrees with advanced certifications, training opportunities, masters degrees and also specializations. Their backgrounds and experiences allow them to support and guide one another with different perspectives.

What support does WMI provide Medical Scholars?

In 2022, the WMI team expanded by adding the role of a new WMI Medical Scholar Coordinator to bring the medical scholars together through a platform where they share their experiences and challenges in the medical field.

In addition to the goal of funding their undergraduate studies, and standing alongside them to address any challenges so that they successfully complete their studies, we provide life-long support after graduation. This includes professional development and social entrepreneurship training, community development grants to start and grow their own community projects and businesses, and medical-related online webinars.

Events and programs designed for WMI Medical Scholars

The following programs for medical scholars are currently in development:

  • Health-field-focused webinar and meeting series discussing career opportunities and growth, research in the medical field, professional networking among medical scholars, mentorship of student scholars, post-graduate opportunities, entrepreneurship, and proposal writing, among other offerings.
  • Video series for medical scholars discussing different professional topics.
  • Online course sharing for all medical scholars.
  • Private medical scholars Telegram group where they discuss challenging cases in their respective fields and learn from one another.

For more information contact:

Nicole Schmitz
Director of Global Operations
E-mail: nicole@wellsmountain.com