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Write a Dream, Plan, Do personal narrative story. Twenty to twenty-five of these stories will be used in the book. A dream, plan, do personal narrative story is a true story that begins with a desire to change something and ends with action. Your story should be at least 500 words, but no more than 1500 words. It should not be a memoir, but a focused piece of your life with the power to inspire and educate.

Although only a maximum of 25 personal narrative stories will be selected for the book, I am hoping for much wider participation. Using your story, once it is written, is a good idea. All stories, if you give permission, will be published on the WMI website and social media. If your story is selected to be in the book, you will be considered a Contributing Author and receive editing suggestions and be further copy-edited. The Dream, Plan, Do book will be published in 2025. All Contributing Authors will receive three free copies. Any proceeds from book sales will go to WMI.

Tell me if you wish to participate by signing up below before October 31, 2023. You will then receive more information on how to submit your story.

Open to all WMI Scholars, staff, and friends of WMI

Writing tips:

  • Tell the truth
  • Share an emotional journey
  • Show don’t tell
  • Share hard choices
  • Begin with a hook
  • Put the reader in your shoes
  • Use detail
  • If story is funny, use humor
  • Inspire
  • Close with a take-away

Writing idea prompts:

  • Childhood hero or mentor
  • Experience that changed you
  • Gift received that made you want to give back
  • Something you saw or encountered that stopped you in your tracks, that you can never forget.
Submittal deadline is January 1, 2024

Tom Wells
Founder & Board Chairman